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Media Center

Media Hours & Check Out Policy  

Media Hours: 


Checkout Policy:

Students in kindergarten and first grade may check out one book. 

Students in grades 2-5 may check out two books if they do not already have overdue or damaged books. Books may be checkout out for a period of two weeks and may be renewed.

Students will need to pay for any lost or damaged books before they can check out another book. Students or parents may pay for lost or damaged items in the media center during regular school hours.

Parents may also check out books from the media center. Up to five books may be checked out for a period of one week.

Please do everything you can to help your children take good care of the books they check out and to return them on time.

Media Release & Opt-Out Forms

​Please note the difference between a News Media Release form and an Opt-Out Form.

Opt-Out Form - This form is to be filled out by parents if they DO NOT want their kids to be photographed/videoed by district personnel (teachers, administrators, etc.).  

Media Release Form - This form MUST be filled out by parents if an external agency (news media, business partners, community organization, etc.) is coming in to take pictures or video. If this form is not on file for a child, then they are not allowed to be involved with any media.

Reading Counts

During the school year, students will have the opportunity to participate in the Reading Counts program. Reading Counts is an individual, independent reading incentive program designed to promote student reading. Children select books from the media center, public library, or their home library. After reading the book, they take a computerized comprehension tests in the classroom or the media center in order to earn points. These points enable children to both track their reading progress and to receive positive recognition for their efforts. There are now over 60,000 Reading Counts tests available to students in Volusia County Schools.